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Friday, May 31, 2013

While my blog is intended for knitting sometimes me expressing my opinion is what you are going to get. So of course, here it comes... watch out.

Today I came across a video of a report from Fox News. I will graciously share it with you.

The Science of Gender Roles

I would love to say I partially agree with something but in truth the whole report is b.s. I have my doctorate in quantum chemistry. I am the "breadwinner" (even though we consider both incomes our money...) and I am totally offended by these old men in the video. How in the hell does my larger income cause an increase in abortions, society dissolving (whatever that means!) and/or hurting our children? 54 million abortions because women are the breadwinners.... WHAT? How is that even directly related...

I pursed my degree because I am passionate about my field of study and believe I can truly make a difference. I would never have done something that would hurt children. How dare he even suggest such a thing! 

Sorry for the language but all of the MEN in this video can go fuck off.

What next, let me guess... Fox News will say Gay Marriage will ruin the sanctity of marriage... Oh wait...

I am off to knit.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Hello knitters,

What an amazing weekend. My family and I went to MN to visit some family. My knitting bestie and her family had us up for the weekend to relax and just be. Of course I started new knitting projects, I mean it's summer... that's a good enough excuse! 

First, I started a Fish Hat by Thelma Egerts. This hat is for donation for a silent auction in October. Knowing me and how many projects I have, I decided to get a good start on it now. So far, I have finished the lips and mouth. Its turning out pretty cute. Pictures to come after I get a bit farther!

Second, I have started a scarf for myself. I fell in love with a scarf a friend knit and I had to make one. It's called the color symphony scarf. It was designed by a local yarn store owner and is not on ravelry. It is knitted with two types of yarn: A mulit-color worsted yarn and then a solid color in kid silk haze. Here is what I have so far:
The worsted yarn is Manos Silk Blend in 3110 Stellar and the Kid Silk Haze is the colorway Ultra.

I hope you had a spectacular weekend! I am off to knit a bit and go to bed early.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Well I am home with a sick kiddo today. N has a fever and is just feeling icky. While he is sleeping soundly, I thought I would quick write a blog post. Last weekend was extremely emotional, fun and exhausting all rolled up into a single weekend. The weekend prior we had a wedding to attend in AL. We took this opportunity to catch up with our old pals in Oxford, MS and then head over the Birmingham for the wedding. While the trip was fun, it was only 3 days in longs so it was a lot of car time. N did the best you could expect.

This past weekend we spent time with family and said our "see you laters" to the J family. While they are now far from us we will see them again in a month or so. Plus we will try to make it down as often as the checkbook allows. I fully plan to take advantage of family living in Florida during the cold winter months of WI.

Today I am back working on a project I started when the weather was nice last summer. I still love these socks more then ever and cannot wait to finish them. I am not sure what it is but I love to knit socks in the summer. I find it peaceful, relaxing and very therapeutic.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

On this late Mother's day eve, I catch myself reflecting on how I have changed since being a mom. In short, everything is different. Knowing how much my son needs and depends on me is amazing, but it goes beyond that. You are literally shaping one person into who they will become as an adult. Even more so, you are leaving a piece of yourself behind with that child when you leave this world. My son is my biggest joy, proudest achievement and most beautiful creation. I see myself in his eyes and that is the most precious gift he could give me.  Someday, I hope Nolan will experience this feeling when he has kid(s) because it is the only way I know how to repay him. So, on this mother's day, I need no thanks because he deserves it all. I love you NHB.