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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday Happenings

Hello all. With all of the holiday fun, I have been so busy. I finished the steam punk cowl (inspira cowl) and it turned out wonderful! I gave it to my sister for Christmas and she loved it.

The picture with the pattern shows the women wearing the cowl around her shoulder... I am pretty sure that there is no way this cowl would fit over the shoulder unless you increased the number of stitches!
 My sister also started knitting and finished her first project. I am really impressed. I love how it turned out. The colors are just beautiful! She actually gave me the cowl as a present.

 I have started my next project which is knitting two socks at once. A friend showed me a youtube video that really helped explain each step of the sock. After the first inch or so it becomes extremely easy to see how the whole set up works. Plus you do not have to worry about second sock syndrome, which I have!

I am actually about 2 inches farther but I do not have picture yet!
As for future projects, my budget is starting to get tight and I have realized that I can buy pretty good yarn at craft stores such as Michaels and Hobby Lobby for a lot cheaper. I love the yarn store but knitting every project with yarn from a yarn store would be too expensive!
I am going to start a baby blanket soon. The pattern is pretty simple. I do not have a pattern to link to because it is in a book and I am not will to purchase the book. Its simply knitting and perling squares with color changing yarn. I am excited to find some color changing yarn after work tonight to start the project!
As for our holiday, it was absolutely wonderful. We saw family, had great food, and fun together! The first night my father took Paul and I out to eat at Piggy's in La Crosse. Unfortunately, Nolan was acting up and had to stay home with Paul's parents. We had amazing food at Piggy's accompanied by great music.
The following day, Christmas eve, we had a great dinner cooked by my mother-in-law. We saw the rotary lights at Riverside park. Finally, Christmas day we saw my mom, my father and went back and hung out with Paul's parents. We got so many gifts, we were absolutely spoiled. I received many items including a new knitting book, One-Skein wonders. It has some pretty cute projects that I am excited to get started on.

Happy Knitting and Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Well time is officially flying towards the holidays! It seems like in one breathe another day passes. This past weekend one of my closets friends, Suzanne came to visit. It was absolutely wonderful to have her in town. We had so much fun just sitting around watching movies, cooking and relaxing! Here is Suzie with Nolan:

I promised Suzie I would knit her a hat so I made this one pretty quick over the weekend:

Its too big. The pattern (button-tab hat) said you could either do seed stitch or ribbing. The ribbing would have been better fitting. Luckly, the yarn is 100% cotton, so a few minutes in the dryer will fix it.

What else is going on...? Hummm... not much. Busy at work, busy with holiday plans, busy with Nolan. We finally decorated the house and put up stockings:

Well I am off to knit. Have a great weekend. I am going back home for the weekend to see family. Looking forward to seeing everyone and pictures to come. Until next time, keep knitting.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How much fun it is to knit a cowl....

The past few weekends have been amazing. I started seeing a nutrition specialist. She helped me understand that the reason I have trouble losing weight is because I make myself feel guilty for eating poorly. Pointing out this small fact has completely changed my life. Before, I would eat something completely unhealthy, feel guilty and then eat another unhealthy food. It was this never ending cycle. Now that I see the cycle, I no longer feel horrible if I eat something that is not the best, I simply move on.

Secondly, I have been doing a better job of keeping up with my PT. My arms feel 100% better with the simple exercise the doctor prescribed. I have been knitting like mad. I took my sister-in-law to the knitting store last weekend with me to grab some food. Lakeside fibers is my favorite knitting store in all of Madison. She was so excited and loved the projects they had on display. I offered to make her whatever she wanted and she loved the Inspira Cowl, Steampunk version. She was so excited she decided to try knitting out for herself. Its been so much fun having another friend and family member knit. Plus it has brought us closer together as well.

My family pictures are back. I am so excited to show them off....
Here is one just of Nolan:

Finally here is my favorite:
Pictures were taken by Bryana Alameida Photography. Happy knitting!