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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Well time is officially flying towards the holidays! It seems like in one breathe another day passes. This past weekend one of my closets friends, Suzanne came to visit. It was absolutely wonderful to have her in town. We had so much fun just sitting around watching movies, cooking and relaxing! Here is Suzie with Nolan:

I promised Suzie I would knit her a hat so I made this one pretty quick over the weekend:

Its too big. The pattern (button-tab hat) said you could either do seed stitch or ribbing. The ribbing would have been better fitting. Luckly, the yarn is 100% cotton, so a few minutes in the dryer will fix it.

What else is going on...? Hummm... not much. Busy at work, busy with holiday plans, busy with Nolan. We finally decorated the house and put up stockings:

Well I am off to knit. Have a great weekend. I am going back home for the weekend to see family. Looking forward to seeing everyone and pictures to come. Until next time, keep knitting.

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