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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Okay I admit it.... I am a hypocrite!

When I first started this blog (and really getting into knitting) I stated that I did not like the idea of stash yarn or having many projects on needles. Well, now I have quite the collection of stash yarn and projects on needles. I am getting projects done pretty fast and enjoying all of the yarn I have gotten lately so its all good.

I have been slowly making progress on my two-at-a-time socks. I really love the colors and the striping of the yarn.
I really like these socks and cannot wait until they are done! Since they are on size 1 needles it will take a while.
I have finished one of the tadpole socks. I really like the design and the hand painted yarn. The foot is a bit small but it will stretch.
Finally, I started my mother-in-law's birthday present. It probably won't be done until after her birthday but its the thought that counts...
She wanted some socks that were badger colors. I really like these. They have a hint of sparkle in them as well.
Finally, I am going to end with a new picture of me and my little man!
Keep Knitting!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Birthday Parties, Easter, Family & Knitting

Hello knitters!
Wow, it has been forever since I last posted. So much to catch up on! Well, we had Nolan's 2nd birthday party! He was absolutely spoiled by family and friends! We had so many people travel from near and far just for his birthday. It truly amazes me how much this little guy can make everyone come together! I have said it before and will keep saying it, Nolan is AWESOME and here is my proof:

Here are pictures from his celebration at daycare...

I will (attempt to) limit the number of pictures but here are some from his party at our place:

For those of you who helped us celebrate Nolan's birthday, I truly thank you for everything! Paul, Nolan and I are truly lucky and thankful for having such amazing people in our lives.

On to Easter weekend and what a great weekend it was. Paul, Nolan and I went up to La Crosse. We met up with Paul's cousins family (The Martinez family) and his parents. Paul and I took Thursday, Friday and Monday off to make it a REALLY long weekend. We got to La Crosse Thursday night around dinner. Friday we went out for a traditional Wisconsin fish fry and it was delicious! Saturday Morning my mom, Nolan, Paul, Claire and I went to Clear Water Farm for a Easter Egg Hunt!
 Finally, I promise the number of pictures will decrease but here are some more from this weekend:

We  have such a great time with family. It was so hard to come back to work on Tuesday!

On to knitting, I have started a new project. Paul's cousin was working some yummy socks so I decided to start them as well. The design is called Tadpoles. They looked great with the sock yarn she used. Mine are a bit boring because of the sock yarn but I am still in love!
My friend also taught me how to make my own stitch markers. Check out these bad boys:

Well I have more to blog about but I will save it for next time!

Until next time keep knitting.