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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blogging therapy

I find myself writing tonight with hope of finding some sort of comfort. This week as been stressful and particularly emotional.

On Tuesday, we found out our daycare is in dire need of financial support. The current building is now bank owned and for sale. The women in "custody" from the bank is now pursing the daycare to vacate in a very short time frame. While I understand the politics of business, I still find myself very sad. A daycare is more than a business, it is more than a building, it is a safe, secure, loving, and learning home. For our son, its a place to socialize, have fun, make friends and most importantly learn. His teachers have become fond members of his life. Now, due to a bill, he may be moving from one daycare to another in a very short time frame. While we are fortunate enough to be able to afford another daycare, I am worried about the emotional cost. I know in time he will get over it and move on. But..... It is still boggling to me how a community is so affected by some this as simple as a bill.

I feel especially bad for the people who work at our daycare. They are not there for the money. They come to work because they want to make a difference in a kids life. When I talked to our son's teacher, her first concern was not what she was going to do but how the children will handle such a dramatic change in their lives. 

Our daycare will be holding two fund raisers to help save the building. If you would like more info please leave a comment. I am not sure if they will be successful but I feel it is my duty to advertise and help spread the word. There is always hope.


  1. Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry! This is not what you or Nolan (or any of the teachers or other families) need right now! Hoping for the best...

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