Knittwitt Knitter

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hello knitters. I am just so excited and coming down from an amazing weekend. Yesterday we had a work picnic, hung out with friends for the afternoon and headed to another friends house for dinner. It was so relaxing and fun. I love how close we have become with people here. The move was a lot easier now that we have close friends :)

As for knitting, I have started quite a few projects and even picked up some old ones. I started working on the Ridged Ripples Scarf again. I really like knitting it up this time around. Basically, over the past year my knitting skills have improved and this time around its not so bad. I am on the second half of the scarf. The colors are so pretty. I cannot wait to wrap this up and give it to my mother-in-law. She has been waiting a while for it!

I also started a little something for her for this holiday! I had two skeins of the badger sock yarn so I am going to make her some mittens. I started knitting the first mitten on two circular needles as suggested by a friend and I really like it over the double pointed method. Of course I am not very far yet so we will see how I like me as time goes on :) This is the first attempt at mittens but I am sure they are pretty similar to socks. I am excited to see the finished product but it will be a while :)

Finally, I started my first knit-a-long (KAL) today. What a great way to knit something! I am knitting the Quaker Ridge Shawl by Susan B. Anderson. My best friend bought me the yarn for the project because she is super sweet! (Side note, I totally miss her and the family :) ).  I am knitting this pattern up in Malabrigo Rio yarn. I got a nice start today when I was at the park with my little man. I checked the thread on Ravelry and there are a lot of very talented knitters with great ideas, colors and beads for this project. I never thought of some of the ideas they had! Its also fun to show off your work and have people comment on your project. A complement from a fellow knitter is always fun! I was surprised so many people loved my stitch markers :) They are all home  made! The pattern has an option for adding beads. I am going to do this but I am going to wait until more the the shawl is complete to decide what exactly I want. I think cute blue pearls would be awesome. Not sure though... Any suggestions?

I would love to hear how your weekend went. I hope you got to enjoy this fall weather! My husband is so excited for pumpkin pies, fall colors and Halloween! Well here is an updated picture of my little man. I am off to watch some batman cartoons and serious snuggle time! Until next time, keep knitting!

Monday, September 3, 2012

The family had an amazing weekend. It was filled with relaxing times, knitting, dyeing yarn and great food. I absolutely love spending time at the M's house. I love their family. I hope that one day my son turns out as amazing and the two big C's.
For a treat, my knitting partner and I visited some over her favorite knitting shops! Silver Creek Cabin was a very big store, not in size but the amount of yarn. This place was packed with yarn. It was almost overwhelming yet very fun! We also visited the Coldwater Collaborative in Excelsior MN. This yarn shop was in a cute town and was very nice. I loved all of the different yarn. Next we spent some time dyeing yarn. Here is my fav from the whole weekend
We also had amazing food thanks to Vic all weekend. In addition, C and I had an idea to make pretzel wrapped hotdogs which turned out amazing! As a side we grilled veggies, pineapple and bacon wrapped/cream cheese stuffed peppers! All of the food was great.

I have so much to post about this weekend and the fun I had but I am exhausted. Check out my friends page for more details about our adventures and fun! I hope you had a great holiday weekend as well. Until next time, keep knitting.