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Monday, July 7, 2014

Growing up is hard to do...

Growing up is hard to do. Taking on responsibilities, working, paying bills, and just trying to survive is exhausting. However, I think there is something even harder and that is watching your little one grow up right before your eyes. This entry was prompted by an email advertisement, 75 % off summer sales. My son is growing like a weed and any sale on clothes is a good one. I went to click on baby, well he has not been a baby for years. Then I went to click on Toddler Boy, nope he is not a toddler either. My only two options are boy and men and it made me realize all of the stages in his life we have past. At this young age, everyday is a milestone. Kids grow up and mature so fast. For example, his vocabulary increases vastly in a short time. Another example is his hand-eye coordination improving with every task he performs. I feel like last week he still needed help with putting his shoes on and then this morning he was ready to go with shoes on before I even had breakfast. 
How do you make the most of your time? I guess that is the way slow down the growing up process. I could quit my job and spend my time with my son.... Well not really, the checkbook needs to stay in the black. Maybe one way is just to embrace milestones has they comes along? Truthfully, I have no idea what the right answer could be. I suspect it is different for everyone. In conversation, someone told me they make a list of what they want to accomplish in a day. Instead of trying to finish everything on the list, they limit themselves to one or two tasks. This way your life is not overwhelmed by the small things but you leave yourself time to live and enjoy. I like this idea but I also like a clean clothes and home cooked meals.
As my son grows up, I will appreciate every moment I have. Watch him turn into a young man and hopefully guide him to a very successful and happy life. It is what every mother hopes for their kids.

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