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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spoiled Rotten

Hello Knitters! Wow, I must say when the weather changed, I became way too excited and wanted to knit with some new bright fun colors! First, I got out my new sock yarn and started to knit with it. After 2 rounds I was so frustrated I ripped the whole thing and re-wound the yarn into two separate balls. When knitting two at a time socks, the yarn becomes very tangled and you must untangle it with the balls of yarn... but that is impossible if the yarn is wound together! I spent roughly an hour or so rewinding :(
Then, I bought too short of circular needles to knit two at a time... ARGH! Talk about an off day!! So, to make up for it, I bought my summer yarns :)

I fell in love with the new Madeline Tosh sock yarns! I also let my little man pick out his sock yarn :) YUMMY! I love new yarn! Its like a kid in a candy store!

As for today, my family and I went to the St. Patrick's Day Parade with some good friends. It was beautiful outside. After a great day outside, we are all relaxing and its time to get going on some of this new yarn...

Until next time, keep knitting.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quick Late Night Post

Hello all. I have been working on a quick project for my cousin. They recently had a wonderful baby boy. I started it about a week ago. Today I just tied in the ends.
Here is the finished product.
I will send it off tomorrow! When I was knitting the second sock, I let my son Nolan where the first to see how the size fit. He cried when I told him he had to take it off. I guess that means I am making a second pair soon!
We were busy here this past weekend. My brother and his boyfriend came and visited. They really seemed to hit it off with Nolan. It was great to have them visit. My main goal of moving closer to home was to make sure all of my family was closer. I really want Nolan to have a relationship with his aunts, uncles, grandparents... It is nice to see that is finally working out.
Well, now is the hard part, I am not sure what I want to knit next. I have 2 projects on needles. The scarf and my first attempt at 2-at-once socks. I decided not to start anything until both projects are done..... It is just hard because the weather is so nice and both projects are more for the winter. Hummm maybe I will start something new.....

Until next time, keep knitting.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Hello knitters. I could not wait to post these pictures. I finished the citron shawl last night and I am just so freaking excited and proud! Check it out:
I am not a big fan of shawls so I will wear it like a cowl. Here is the whole piece:
And here is my favorite part, the beaded edge:

Okay so here are the details. I found the pattern on Susan Anderson's blog. I loved it. The pattern is called Citron Shawl by Hilary Smith Callis. On Susan's blog she added the beads and increased the size of the shawl. I also did these steps. Here is the link to the tutorial for how to add the beads.

As for the yarn I used Madelinetosh lace weight yarn in alizarin color. It's the first project I have ever made for myself and I am pretty proud!

Finally, Nolan had his first ever Shamrock Shake in honor of Paul's return.
Twins! They are just too cute and sweet!

Until next time, keep knitting ;)