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Thursday, September 12, 2013

On the soap box...

Well I have, yet another, opinion I feel the need to blog about. While raising kids is not an easy task it is extremely rewarding. It is not an exaggeration when I say it has completely changed my life. However, I also feel this "mother bear" approach towards other children too. Every child is amazing and deserves the world. 

I came across two articles today. I wish we were past this time in society; a time where people get their medical advice from celebrities.  

What am I talking about? I am sure you have all heard the scare of vaccinating causing autism. While autism is a horrible disorder, it is in my opinion not directly linked to vaccinating your child. Several studies have shown there is no direct correlation. In addition, the study that suggested the correlation was completely invalid.

Why should I care, I mean my family is vaccinated. Well, it is a bit tricky to explain but basically vaccinations work only if everyone complies, herd immunity. However, I will give my best attempt at the understanding of how vaccinations could fail. If, unfortunately I got measles, the virus could mutate within me.  This new strand would not longer be covered in the original vaccination and anyone with the vaccination could get the mutated form and therefore get sick.

The above article published on CNN scares me. I worry about sending my vaccinated son to daycare, school and even college. He is growing up in a time where a lot of his peers may not be vaccinated and he could be exposed. As a parent, you try to do your best to give your child the healthiest life possible but in this case what can I do if everyone else chooses to not vaccinate. I can blog and hope to inform someone.

Should you read this blog and believe what I have to say... No. However, we all need to make educated decisions based on facts not what Jenny McCarthy tells you because we are all in this together.

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