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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello all! What a great weekend. We went up to Rogers, MN to visit my husband's cousin and family, and my cousin's family! Over the trip, Nolan went to the Como zoo with Big C, wrestled with Vic, played cars with Cruz and went swimming with Oliver, Harvey & Adler. We all had a great time and wish it was a bit longer. With my little man being busy with his family, M and I spent our time experimenting and dying some sock yarn!  We tried various dyes and techniques. I even tried using berries to dye yarn! The finished products are shown below.
If you ask me which one is my favorite, well, I am not sure which one I would choose. I love them all. They all look perfect for various projects. Like the white one with different color dots, well that looks perfect for a baby soaker or sweater! Can you think of any perfect projects? Since, my friend and I have so much yarn, way too much for us to knit, we are selling it. Here is what is left (because its going fast).
They skeins are 420 yards of finger weight yarn, super wash merino wool. We are offering them for $25.00 a skein with free shipping within the United States. Just leave a comment if interested and I will be in touch.

As for my knitting projects, they are coming along nicely! I finished a hat for a friend. It was the Elvira pattern by Alyssa Heath. I think it turned out pretty cute. I know she will love it and she should get it within a few days.
I have a ton of new projects on the needles. I am trying to be very dilegent and get this holiday presents done on time. They are coming along fast and looking good.

Well, its my last day off from this vacation so I am off to knit! Here is a cute picture of my son at the zoo and in the bath. 

Until next time, Keep knitting my friends.


  1. I love the green hat! It's beautiful. And your hand-dyed yarn looks totally professional. Gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Amanda. I hope you had a great weekend. If you are around this weekend let me know! I could use some knitting :)