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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hello knitters. Things around here were quiet this past weekend. We went to the pool Friday night, had dinner at my sister-in-law's Saturday and had a friend over for dinner on Sunday. I love knitting and been busy with various projects. The problem is they are gifts so if I post anything it will spoil it. I am so excited to share though. As a side note, I really miss my knitting buddy!
I have also started a new endeavor. I took a course at meant to bead in Sun Prairie. I had a great time and picked up quite a few tips and tricks. Here is what we made at the course.
I was quite excited to show off my new pieces. I also think this may be the best idea for gifts. I put my new skills to work and made my friends quite a few pieces for their birthday's! Here is S with her new hat and earrings.
Tonight I am off to knit with a friend and check out Trade Joe's. Tomorrow I am having sushi with a couple of close work friends. As for the weekend we are off to a family reunion! Should be fun times with many pictures to come. Here is the bear before and after his new hair do!

  Until next time, Keep Knitting

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