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Saturday, August 24, 2013

I finished the first sock of the Kalajoki socks published in Yliveto. While I love the pattern, my weakness in sock knitting became pretty apparent.

The yarn I used was Zitron Unisono dye lot 1225 4609. I also used the magic loop method for the first time as well. I really liked the method however, it is a bit challenging to start the project.... too much needle and not enough knitted! Once you get started though, it is pretty slick.

 The sock is depicting the river, Kalajoki, which is the inspiration for the sock pattern. I love the yarn and the pattern. However, I am not the best at decreasing the gusset. As you can see below, I have ladders appearing on the side of the heal. Not sure if this is because it is the first time I tried knitting the magic loop or what... but it is really annoying to look at.
 Second, the make 1 increase leaves a large hole... Why? Ugh, not the prettiest thing in the world either. Hopefully, I can figure out a way to prevent this from happening. Any suggestions?
 Today, here in Madison, was a very nice, sunny and relaxing day. I started off by knitting on the back porch this morning with some ice coffee. Then we headed off to the pool for a fun filled afternoon. Now, we are making pretzel hot dogs for dinner and wreck it ralph for a movie. Hope you are enjoying your Saturday.


  1. When you M1, you have to pick up the stitch from the front and knit the back, not the front of the m1. That is what is making the hole...I have just learned this lesson with one of my current projects.


  2. Thanks for the tip! I have another friend who said the same tip! When I try the second sock, hopefully this does not happen!
    We need to get together soon! Where did the summer go?!