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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Well, I have been keeping up with my squat challenge however, the running... well that has been a problem. I am so tired in the mornings. Yesterday I was not up in time and today I just laid in bed saying, get up and run you idiot. But I never did. So, I need to break the cycle and run tonight. Probably before my knitting group meets. Do you ever stop exercising? How do you start again? I can tell I beat myself up way too much for missing a single day. Ugh, exercising, I hate you.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Have no fear... I am still running. I got up early this morning, took both dogs and went for a jog. Wow, both dogs suck at running and staying on task. Hopefully, they will figure it out in a few attempts. As for squats, I did my 70 yesterday. Even Nolan started doing some squats! Today, I am set to do 75... Yep, I will get there after work. Enjoy your day! Nolan is coming to work with me at 2:30 pm. I cannot wait.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

I finished the first sock of the Kalajoki socks published in Yliveto. While I love the pattern, my weakness in sock knitting became pretty apparent.

The yarn I used was Zitron Unisono dye lot 1225 4609. I also used the magic loop method for the first time as well. I really liked the method however, it is a bit challenging to start the project.... too much needle and not enough knitted! Once you get started though, it is pretty slick.

 The sock is depicting the river, Kalajoki, which is the inspiration for the sock pattern. I love the yarn and the pattern. However, I am not the best at decreasing the gusset. As you can see below, I have ladders appearing on the side of the heal. Not sure if this is because it is the first time I tried knitting the magic loop or what... but it is really annoying to look at.
 Second, the make 1 increase leaves a large hole... Why? Ugh, not the prettiest thing in the world either. Hopefully, I can figure out a way to prevent this from happening. Any suggestions?
 Today, here in Madison, was a very nice, sunny and relaxing day. I started off by knitting on the back porch this morning with some ice coffee. Then we headed off to the pool for a fun filled afternoon. Now, we are making pretzel hot dogs for dinner and wreck it ralph for a movie. Hope you are enjoying your Saturday.

Day 4. Easier to move today. 60 squats yesterday and a jog before the afternoon. Today is a rest day for squats....
Finished a sock... Pictures to come after an afternoon at the pool.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Well today was rough... I walked most of my run and I am starting to do my squats in 20 sets of 3 instead of all at once... yep, it is because I can barely move.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

One new project... and I am totally in love! I got a skein of Mimosa in Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock. While it is stunning, I wanted a pattern with a lot going on because the yarn is variegated so nicely! I've had my eye on the the Naive sock pattern by SpillyJane. Here is a picture of the start of the sock:

 I am going to bed, my legs kill. Stupid squat challenge.
Again, sorry for the annoying number of posts... but it does help me! Today, I ran farther and did 55 squats. I can barely walk but the pain is kind of a comfort. I know I am making a difference in my body.

Lunch is a salad and an orange. Water, water & water is a must today.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hello. Wow, I have been starting new knitting projects here and there but have not found the time to post about them. I promise I will soon! However, this post is about accountability. I am hoping to blog a bit about my exercise habits. While I have none at this point in time, I really would like to get into a jogging routine this fall. When I use to be a runner (a long time ago) I had so much more energy... I miss that. Especially now, when I am trying to keep up with a three year old and my busy family. So here goes day 1. I ran for about 20 mins and did 50 squats. Thats enough to start. Hopefully tomorrow I will have something to post about. In advance, sorry for all the annoying "exercise updates" but I truly think it will help me stay with it for a longer and keep me accountable.

50 day squat challenge anyone:
I hope my butt looks that good in 30 days! (yea, right)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Some days, events happen that make you reflect and cherish the memories. Yesterday, my great uncle passed away. As I did not know him well, I feel this is a lesson I can learn. Life is short. We must embrace the relationships we have. Take the time to know and enjoy each other. You never know when it could be your last chance.

Today was a hard day as well. My husband's Aunt V died. One word to describe Aunt V, amazing. I only really knew her for the past couple of years and grew to love her like my own aunt. She would send us a card in the mail often. The envelope would be covered with stickers. V would always want pictures. We would send V and R pictures of Nolan and she loved them. She never forgot a birthday.  Even this year she emailed me on my 30th. Just a few days ago she asked how our new roommate, her great niece was adjusting. She cared, remembered to ask and was truly invested in our lives. I regret that we never made it up one last time to have her famous jambalaya and so she could see how big Nolan has gotten. While she will be missed dearly, we know she is no longer in pain. She can now see Nolan everyday.

 Rest in peace.