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Monday, September 1, 2014

To the moon and back

Hello Knitters.

It has been a crazy summer filled with long car rides, soccer games and long days in the sun. The past week my son did not have daycare. We decided to spend the first half of the week with some friends and visit door county. We stayed at a resort and spent a lot of time enjoying the pool. The kids ventured on a boat ride, toured the maritime museum and rode their bikes all over. It was a great 4 doors relaxing with another family. 

While the boys were off doing their adventures, L and I walked around Sturgeon Bay. The knitter I am, I looked up the LYS within walking distance. We found a very cute place called Spin. The building was amazing, it used to be a bank nestled on the corner of the block.
Outside of many stores, was a statue of a sturgeon. Here, the sturgeon had a knitted cover. Too cute. Small towns have such charm and Sturgeon Bay was not lacking. I bought several skeins of yarn to make my friend a Christmas gift. As she reads my blog, I cannot post details or pictures until after she is fully surprised. But I have to say the project is super yummy. 
I have made a lot of progress on my friend L's birthday socks. Her birthday is this Saturday and I am hoping to have them done by then. Keep your fingers crossed; with any luck I will post a FO post this Friday!
The pattern is Horcrux, made with STR in the hobbit garden colorway. L loves Harry Potter and these socks depict Harry's scar. The socks so far are fun to make but have a very unusual cuff length, turning the heel but it is still looking very cute. 

Changing the subject; the summer has been filled with new habits and redefining myself. I have found myself "aging fast" and I wanted to slow everything down for a bit.  Recently, I have made efforts to read more. I found this to help my sleep habits. Reading right before bed, I fall asleep faster and stay asleep all night long. I just finished the Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Gailbrath (J. K. Rowling). It was a interesting read and I am excited to read the second novel, The Silkworm. I also dove into the All Soul's trilogy. It reminds me of the Twilight series. I know they are not the most deep novels but I find them very enjoyable. In addition,  I am going to tackle better eating habits and more of a "routine" for our family's daily life. Hopefully, I can incorporate these changes.

I will be back Wednesday to post about the past weekend and another WIP. Until then, keep knitting.

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  1. reading before bed helps me as well, not sure why i don't do it more often. lovely socks