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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Chicago Style

Hello Knitters.

Are you ready? It's going to be a long post; hang in there.

This past weekend N and I were able to head to Chicago and see a dear friend of mine. I met Suzanne when I was pregnant and in graduate school. I tutored students in chemistry to make some extra money for the baby coming and Suzanne signed up to meet with me. Instantly, we were dear friends. While living in Oxford, she would come over and chill at our place almost daily! We made such dear friends during graduate school and I am so glad the friendships are being maintained to this day.

We started off by going to a Bears Preseason Game. I know N's first game was at a Bears game and not a Packers Game but I could not pass up this amazing opportunity. Then, while Suzie was working, N and I headed to the Shedd. We loved all of the different wildlife. The Shedd is truly amazing and such a relaxing experience. N's favorite part was petting a stingray and seeing the jellyfish. I always loved the dolphin show. We ended the night with the rain forest cafe.
Saturday we were set to see LegoLand. Nolan was so excited!! It was a great time and fabulous statues made out of Legos! Very Impressive! Finally, I wanted to go to some knitting stores, who wouldn't? We sent off for String Theory expect:
 So we went to the next place on our list, We'll Keep You In Stitches. This place had lots of yarn but it was a bit overwhelming for me.
 Finally, we went to one last yarn store, in search for that perfect skein to makes socks with. A pair that would remind me of the weekend and the great time we had together. Loopy Yarns had just what we were looking for.
Both Suzanne and I found a skein of perfect yarn. Plus the store owner went to college with Suzie's dad and gave her an extra discount! I love knitters! When I cast on the project, I will include pics of the new skeins.

Still with me? Hang in there, I am almost done. Finally, I have been working on some birthday socks for my friend L. She has a son that is in the same daycare class as mine. Over the past year our families have become very close and she has become a good friend of mine. She picked out Hobbit Garden, STR yarn by Blue Moon Fibers. The pattern is Horcrux Socks by Susan Lawrence.
I love the colors and the pattern and I hope L does too. Thanks for hanging in there until the end. Next week I will talk about the book I am reading as well as WIPS. Happy Wednesday and thanks for stopping by.