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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Hello Knitters.

I hope this Wednesdays finds you well. I am back in the full swing of the semester and it really caught me off guard. I was not prepared to jump right back in, I thought I was but boy was I wrong. The day started out on schedule and I was pumped to get going. Then, I started to get my times and dates confused, scheduling meetings when I teach, GAH! I even cancelled a meeting because I thought I had class and I dont... Oops! Oh well, hopefully, more coffee will help and Google calendar. 

I  made some serious progress on the baby blanket:
 I love to knit in the morning sunlight with a cup of coffee!
 I have been getting a bit sick of the baby blanket so I cast on a new project with my Jitter Bug Yarn. I decided to try the Zigzagular pattern. I am just loving this yarn and the colors. They are so pretty especially the bursts of bright blue, that is my favorite part. (The superhero book is my sons. He is really getting into reading and I love to read to him. This book contains a chapter for each marvel superhero and explains how they became superheros. My son loves it. Last night we finished 4 chapters.)
My yarn came in the mail today. (Yes, I bought it before I knew about my truck repairs!) I bought this off of the Etsy Store, NeeleysKnits called Nightmare Before Christmas. I am very excited to cast on this yarn and see how it looks!!! 

Thanks for stopping by and I am very excited to see everyone's WIPS!


  1. Sounds like a book my son would enjoy... Have fun with that new yummy looking yarn! :)

  2. So much pretty yarn! I especially like the one with the grey. Enjoy!!

  3. I just love your baby blanket. It's fantastic.

  4. Wow that colourful wool is lovely! :)

  5. awesome baby blanket - lots of work! and the new yarn looks scrumptious!

  6. That is an amazing blanket. So unusual. What a great gift!
    I miss reading to my kids at night. Strangely, once they hit double-digits they wanted to read to themselves!
    It would be fun to knit together. Let's do that!