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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Another 2015 promise and WIP Wednesday

Hello Knitters.

I hope this hump day finds you well. I did a quick Trader Joes run last night and on the way my truck decided not to work. I know, I am an adult and cars are expensive. However, I cannot help the little kid voice inside me that wants to jump up and down and cry about how much yarn I could have bought with that money! GAH! Moving on....

Because of these recent events I am not buying yarn until the truck repairs are off my credit card. Which who knows how long that may take because it needs a bit of work! :) However there is hope, I have a huge stash. No surprise there. (Plus I just bought some last week, my bad.)

I have not been using my needles lately. A bit here, a few rows there. Nothing too exciting. I have been working on the baby blanket still:

 And I started the second sock of my opal yarn. However, the gauge is really off with the second one... Its like an inch bigger if that is even possible!!! Fail! But I will have time to fix it when my little man is at hockey practice. How can you not love that face! Tough guy, eh!
I am still working on the book Ender's Game. Almost half way done. It is pretty good and I really do like it, I am just tired lately and have not had time to read. Hopefully, I will have more progress on knitting and reading next week. I cannot wait to see what is on your needles!!! Thanks for stopping by! </endrant>


  1. Sorry to hear about your truck. It is very frustrating isn't it? I love the face on your little hockey player. I wouldn't mess with him!

  2. I keep telling myself I won't buy more yarn until my stash can fit in one basket - but it's impossible...there's always some new projects I have planned and they just need something different from what I have :P ...for now my goal is not to buy any more yarn until I finish all my projects on the needles and then we'll see :D ...that baby blanket looks amazing! good luck with finishing it - I always admired people that have patience to knit blankets on such small needles :)

    1. Well here is to our new resolution! Hopefully we can keep them! ;)

  3. Ugh, cars. They are money pits. Just threw a hundred bucks at mine for a battery so it will start on really cold mornings (a good thing, I guess!). I, too, plan to work through my stash over the next year (and avoid buying new yarn). Stash-busters unite!

  4. Sorry about your truck. When you explore your stash you may find yarn you forgot about. At least you are not totally without yarn.

  5. I feel your pain! and as the mother of a sensitive four year old, that photo of your boy terrifies me! You're so brave!

  6. Love the tough face. :)
    Sorry about your yarn? Argh!