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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Good day. I just had to post about my new adventures! I decided to try to dye my own yarn! I mean, I am a chemist. Why not put my phd towards my love of yarn and knitting... I would not say my first time was great, but I did learn a lot. I need more organization and a place without dogs. There was a lot of dog hair in the finished product.. YUCK. But overall I enjoyed the process and will try again, soon.
Remember the trip I took to Chicago? I mentioned I bought some beads from a cute store and wanted to make some stitch markers. Here is how they turned out.
I think they turned out pretty cute! As for knitting, I have not done much. These past 2 weeks have been really busy. Last week, daycare was closed. We were lucky enough to have Paul's cousin's daughter, Claire, stay with us for 9 days to help us out. My son, Nolan and Claire have a cute and special relationship. She is so good with him and he just loves her! As a treat, we took them to Gigi Cupcakes.Thank you Claire!!!

Our 5 year anniversary was last weekend. We had a wedding to attend. A long time friend Joe married Jenny on June 16th. We had a great time at their wedding. Congrats Joe and Jenny!
As for this weekend, we had my mom here Saturday. She spent the night and left this morning. It was hard to be in a great mood because, we were suppose to go to Oxford for a wedding of another really close friend, Debra Jo. Unfortunately, two root canals and crowns are not cheap and we had to stay home. My in-laws, who have meet Debra many times when they visited us in Oxford, went in our place. They had a great time and said Debra was a beautiful bride. I am glad they were able to go in our place. Congrats Debra and Josh. We love you both and cannot wait to come and see you soon!

Until next time, keep knitting.


  1. So, was this your first foray into wet chemistry? Looks like it turned out well, so keep on experimenting!

    ps, Love Gigi's cupcakes - had them in lieu of a birthday cake!

  2. The yarn is beautiful! And your stitch markers turned out super cute! We live in walking distance of Gigi's-- let me know if you ever want to meet up over there (or anywhere Hilldaleish)!