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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hello all. Well this weekend flew by. We spent yesterday mostly cleaning and playing outside. It was a beautiful spring day. Not too hot and not too cold. I sat outside for hours knitting and having a squirt gun fight with my little man. Yes, little man and no longer a baby. This month Nolan has become more of a little man than I could imagine. Truthfully, its happening a bit fast and I am just trying to enjoy this time with him. This month he gave up the pacifier, talks all the time and sleeps in a big boy bed. Wow! I think he has done enough maturing for a while. Today we took a ride to the Sow's Ear. A local knitting store here in Madison. It was a great time. We sat outside, had a smoothy and relaxed. Nolan played in their outdoor plastic house. He came in and out telling us many stories. He is a bit bossy but I think the new found freedom is just taking over. Everything is a stage.

As for knitting, I have been on a vacation until this weekend. The past month was pretty stressful and draining on the family. We all had a sickness of some sort the whole month. Thankfully May is over and we are back to healthy! I started the owl socks for the 3rd time and showed them off. It was decided that a different pattern was desired by the recipient so I have ripped them and started South Fork socks by Linda Welch.
I also wanted to start something for myself. I started basic socks that were written on Susan B. Anderson's blog. I love the stripping of the yarn. I bought the yarn off of Artfire. Here is the exact link: Emeralds Sapphires and Prince.
I love that yarn and as a newer knitter, I am still trying to pair yarn colors with patterns. With how busy the yarn stripping is, a basic sock was preferred. I think these will be amazing :) I just bought some plain mustard colored sock yarn. I am excited to pick out a complicated pattern for these single color socks. With the amount of socks I am knitting, I think this may be the path I stay on. I love knitting socks. Socks are fun, fast, very different depending on the pattern and yarn. Plus they always turn out so darn cute.
I finally decided to start knitting Christmas gifts now. Yes, now because I want them to be wrapped and under the tree on time. Well that is a pretty big goal but a fun one. 
Here is two new pictures of Nolan. Next weekend we are off to the Brewer game. Many fun pictures to come. 

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