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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Hello Knitters!

I hope you are having a splendid Wednesday! This week was spent catching up and getting back into our routine after our trip to FL. My son had his end of the year hockey tournament. I wanted to surprise him so I stayed up late and finished the scarf he requested.
He did great! He had so much fun and tries with all of his heart. It is amazing how young he is but he has so much dedication. After the tournament all the skaters get a medal. N will not take his off. His coaches work so hard at helping the kids and making sure it is all about fun. They donate all of their time and I greatly appreciate it.
 After a morning on the ice, I went to a local yarn store, The Sow's Ear and had a cup of apple cider. I cast on my second ZigZagular socks and relaxed in the sunlight. I met a friend from work there and we knit for hours. It was lovely, relaxing and so great me time.
I am addicted to casting on and starting new projects... Not sure why but life is too short to care. I wound this skein, cast on and worked the first few rows. I love the colors. I am a sucker for striping yarn... Just one more stripe then I will stop! These socks will be done in no time (well as long as I do not cast something else on). 
This week has taught me a lot. Enjoy life knitters, it is the only one we get!  Now that the weather is getting warm my son and spent time outside. He rode his bike and I jogged. I have been doing really well with better eating habits and exercising. The key for me is being flexible. I thought before keeping a routine was about doing the same thing constantly. However, some days it is easier to run at the gym. Other days it is easier to come home and jog while N bikes. In either case, it is exercise. Hopefully, I can stick with it.

I am still working on the Time Traveler's Wife. I have not made a lot of time to read. Hopefully this week I can make some progress. 

My dear friend and an amazing knitter, M has been dying yarn for a while. In my opinion, she really has an eye for colors and art. It is her stress reliever from a busy week. Check out her new skeins here:

No pressure, just look. All knitters window shop, right? I hope it's not just me!


  1. lovely scarf for your hockey player :) I try to keep up with exercise and eating right, some days are better than others.

  2. The scarf came out great. I just love little hockey players. They are so darn cute. I'm gonna go do some window shopping now....

  3. Awh see posts like this make me wish i had a local yarn store to hang out in and knit with nearest one is about a 90 minute drive away :( but someday I've live somewhere with one nearby :)

  4. Love the scarf and he looks so cute with his medal!

  5. Little athletes are just so cute!
    An afternoon with a friend at the Sow's Ear is a great way to relax. We'll have to do that soon!

    1. We should definitely get together! Maybe over spring break? We could knit at the terrace!