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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

WIP Wednesday!

Hello Knitters.

I am so thrilled to share my new project with you. I think this projected has cured my need to keep starting new projects. I am so excited about my two at a time socks.

I am using Claudia Hand Painted Yarns in conjunction with the Intrepid Traveler pattern. My sweet friend S is flying in today to spend a week with us. Should be a very fun week of catching up. Hopefully I can finish my book, the Time Travelers Wife.
I cannot wait to see whats on everyone's needles!


  1. Gorgeous color way on the yarn- love the pattern!

  2. Great pattern and yarn! I love the colors and the thickness of it.

  3. Gorgeous yarn and it works really well with that stitch pattern. I got in a terrible tangle last time I tried to knit socks TAAT, I'm very impressed by the people who can manage it succesfully lol

  4. I love this yarn you're using! I've never make "two at a time" socks although I do have the book. Maybe I should give it a try. I'm sure they will be so warm and cozy.

  5. Supercute color!!