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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Bear

His nickname is the bear and he is dearly loved. I cannot express how grateful I am that our friends and family cherish him just and much as Paul and I do. This past week, S and T came to visit and spoil the bear. He turns 5 and I can hardly believe how fast time has gone by.

This week I spent plenty of time relaxing and of course that includes knitting. S asked me to make her a hat this weekend. It is almost becoming a tradition. This is her third hat request. She picked the shroom pattern by knitty.  We found yarn at the Sow's Ear in Verona, WI called Katia Junior yarn. I am not sure the colorway, I threw away the label. 
I worked steadily on my Intrepid Traveler socks. I am so excited about their progress! Hopefully they will be finished soon! It has be a cold past few days in WI and I could use some knitted socks to keep me warm, yes at the end of MARCH!

Suzie is great at spoiling everyone, even me. She treated me to some sock yarn that I could not stop drooling over:
I am a snob about the twist of yarn, especially sock yarn. I love Kogiu and Claudia Hand Painted Yarn (shown above). The twist is so well defined and yields great definition in the sock stitches when knitted up. Makes my heart happy. 

Of course she also helped me keep up with my routine. I just started working out again and we went 2.44 miles together. It was amazing.
I wish she was here everyday.

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  1. Gorgeous socks, they look like they'll be super cosy when they're finished :)

  2. I can see why you are drooling over that sock yarn - me too! The colourway is gorgeous. Love the socks.

  3. Love the beautiful color way on the sock- sure to be a hit!

  4. Lovely stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I agree with a tight twist in yarn, does make for lovely knitting :) Love the colors of your sock yarns!

  6. Those socks are just amazing! I admire those of you who can do two socks at once. Maybe that will be my summer project! Do you do magic loop or two circs?

    1. These are two circular needles. I like the set up if your circular needles are not too long. :)