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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Boot Sock Saga

I have been wanting to knit boot socks for a really long time. I love boots and tall warm sock during the cold winter months. My friend suggested this cute pattern, Little Cable Knee Highs by Purl Soho. I love how they are simple yet elegant and even a bit sexy. I was given some yarn by my friend to intended for this pattern. I started them, got to about the second repeat and realized the yarn in conjunction with this pattern was not a good fit. 
See, yuck. The cable is just a messy mix of colors! I am not very good at ripping a project and starting over however, this was simply not acceptable. I think this experience taught me to appreciate nice yarn and to find the right project for the yarn and not just to finish a project. I believe this yarn would be great as sock but with a very simple pattern. Lately, because of this small epiphany  I have really started to enjoy knitting much more. The process of relaxing and just working through a chart instead of speeding through a project to get to the end result.

I had some Berroco Comfort Sock yarn in my stash in a solid red color. I cast on and finished the foot of the sock and started the cable. When I saw the first 2 cables I think I drooled a little, I absolutely loved how the yarn looked in this pattern! Simply yet elegant.
 The first sock just flew off the needles, as is the second one. I have just started the cables on the second sock and it looks amazing! I cannot wait until they are complete.


  1. Love them!!! When you make mine, just remember that I prefer full length socks, not cuffs. Kidding! Just kidding! :)

  2. HAHA! You will get boot cuff and you will like it! JK.

    Hey Cheri and I just bought the groupon for bliss yoga! We are totally down for a yoga night in the near future!