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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

All I can say is wow. After such a horrific event on Friday, I am still in shock. When I heard of the awful news, I was at work with my son in daycare. I reached for my phone to make sure he was okay. My husband and I then decided to leave work early and spend time with our son. Like many emotional posts, this is an attempt to understand my own feelings.

First, I have no idea what the right answer is to fixing this problem. Stricter gun control? Armed teachers? (ugh, that thought almost made me throw up in my mouth!) I have no idea but something must change. Innocent children should not be a outlet for someone's mental illness.

Second, (and most important) I feel so helpless when it comes to this particular issue. It just remind me how precious life is and how much of it is completely uncontrollable. Every night since this event, I have hugged Nolan a little tighter. But in the end, that is the risk we all take, life is precious so live it to the fullest.

I also wanted to do something for the victims. Let them know that there are people out there thinking of them. Knitters are amazing people. They will knit until their fingers bleed to help a good cause. I found a group on Ravelry called Knitters for Newton with the goal of raising 10,000 dollars and knitting AT LEAST 26 blankets for the families. It amazes me how people come together in a crisis. How complete strangers (can put aside differences and) are willing to give back and help in a time of devastation and lost. If we can find one beautiful thing from the horrific events on Friday, its that at the heart of true terror humanity will come together.

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