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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Alexander Street Hat

Hello Knitters.

Its cold and dry  here in Wi. We have received the first real snow fall of the season and its a big one. When we look out our front door its a winter wonderland. Perfect timing for the holidays.
Well, its perfect for my new hat, alexander street hat by Carol J. Sulcoski. I love how it turned out. . First, I used KnitPicks fingering, meadow mulit and lantana. This particular hat is size medium and it turned out huge! So, I put it in the dryer for 25 mins on high and now it fits perfect.

I love the picot edge. I have never done that technique before and found it to be a bit tedious. I did not like how the pattern has you go back and tack the edge. I would finish the edging while knitting the hat if I was to do the hat again. I need to give a big THANKS to M, my knitting partner for giving me the yarn. She is amazing! Well, daycare is closed and the family is ready to start the holiday vacation. I will be on later this weekend.
Until then, keep knitting.

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