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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Boot Socks and Kernel Scarf

Hello again knitters. Currently, I am working on two projects that I am very excited about but both are challenging. 

The Kernel Scarf (Ravelry Link) by Bonnie Sennott is a very pretty and lace scarf. This pattern has a 27 repeat of a 16 row chart. While I have never done a lace chart before, I thought this scarf would be perfect practice. However, every row is a bit challenging and rarely do they end with the correct numbers of stitches. I have not given up yet but I have restarted the project 3 times. Its probably a project that is not intended to be knit while at home with a 3 year old and 2 dogs. 

The second project I have started is Whit Knit's Little Cabled Knee Highs (Ravelry Link). These socks are really tall and knit toe up. I have never done a toe up sock before.
 Oh my, what have I gotten myself into... The cast on is such a small amount of stitches! Okay I can get through this; they quickly increase.
Actually, the increase ended up being way too big. I first made the socks in the medium size and I could fit both of my feet in them. Then, I restarted the socks in the smaller size (even going 4 stitches smaller then the smallest size: 56 stitches in the foot). I just hope the yarn is not too busy for the little cable in the back of the leg. But it will be a year before I get that far! Just kidding... I think. Hopefully, I will be back with a quick update soon. I also have to finish my mom's Christmas gift; mittens! Until next time, keep knitting.

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