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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 25 ; crafting

Day 25

I am thankful for my husband's flexibility. He is willing to get up early, play with the kiddo just so I can have some time to craft!

Yesterday I was feeling a bit down. I really want to go out and shop my heart out. However, our checkbook says the opposite. I decided to craft a bit but it was so late and I could not really focus. Therefore, I got up early today and started crafting in the sunlight. It was fun, relaxing and very fulfilling. I decided to make myself a couple of pairs of earrings to accessorize some shirts I have.

I guess the real reason behind all my money frustration is I believe my family is ready for a second kid. However, with daycare over 1k a month, I cant really swing two kids in at one time! My husband says to just wing it, we always make it. But at what cost? Would my son and husband be stuck at home all the time, eating raman noodles? Ugh, big decisions take a lot of thinking and planning and I just am not sure we can find another free 1k a month to put a new born in daycare. On the other hand, you only live once.... we would do something to make it work...? Well, I know one thing, its not a decision to make today! Whew, dodged that bullet :)

I finished my last holiday knitting. Here is a second grey loop cowl however with yarn from Vogue knitting. Currently, its being blocked.
 Last night, was a night full of trains and Legos. I have a feeling that will be most of today with a bit of knitting on the side. Have a great, last day of vacation!

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