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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sweater, scarf, and whats going on....

This past week or so has been pretty relaxing. Unlike our usual schedule recently, we stayed at home all weekend and enjoyed the company of our son. Well mostly... we are trying to get rid of the pacifier. What a pain... we are going with a method where you cut of part of the pacifier until the child no longer wants it. Well my son, at the very least, is pissed. He only uses it at home and not daycare but that has become a bit confusing for him. Therefore, we decided it was time for it to go. But now he gets up during the middle of the night crying for it. We are not big fans of the cry out method, but it might be our last resort.
This past saturday we tried making our own homemade pizzas. My husband absolutely loved it. If our son is willing to eat the pizza we call that a success. Now we are going to try to make it a competition. Every week we will make our own pizzas and see who's turns out the best. It should be interesting and fun.

 I had a physical this week and was prescribed some meds for my arms. The tendonitis is killer when knitting. Now I feel very little to no pain. I will start physical therapy soon as well. Overall, it has really increased the amount of knitting I have done. Well now is the best time to show off what I have done. My son's dino sweater is finally FINISHED!!!

I really like how they turned out. Unfortunately, I had to use Cascade yarn which will felt if I machine was it. I wanted to save some money and use cheaper yarn. In the future, I may make another sweater but it will be made with better yarn. Much better yarn. I did not include the sawtooth edging on the hood either. I just thought it was enough on the sleeves. He got quite a few comments about the sweater but overall I love it.

So what next to knit....?!?! The scarf for my mother-in-law of course. Man, I love how it is turning out but it is pretty annoying to knit. It is the exact same set of rows for 30 repeats.... talk about boring to  knit. When I get bored with a project, I always start another to keep both projects fresh and exciting. Well those darn socks that I have not worked on in FOREVER.... well I picked them back up this weekend. Mostly because a friend of mine Ever-Anna just started and FINISHED really super cute socks for holiday gifts. They are adorable. I really REALLY want to buy the yarn to make cute socks.  So I need to finish the projects I have started.

Another thing came to my attention this weekend, something that I have always tried to avoid is my knitting turn into a job and not a hobby. I feel lately, I put myself into these situations where I want to knit Xmas gifts and then I am struggling to find the time to finish them rather than knitting to relax. I am not sure how to overcome this feeling... but I am thinking it will go away once Xmas is over. I mean it is my own fault for making myself feel like this. I guess I am just nervous about the deadline of Dec 25th that it is now a habit to knit so much a day or it wont be finished. I guess I should have started these projects earlier.

Lastly, I wanted to include a picture from last night; my very own super hero. My son is amazing and the joy of my life. I cannot imagine life without him and do not want too. Enjoy. Happy Knitting.

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