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Friday, May 9, 2014

FO Friday: The end of the boot sock saga.

The boot sock saga has finally come to a close and I am so impressed with myself. When I first started the project, it looked like they would never end. I mean, boot socks on size 2 needles... yea, no. However, I excel at patterns that have a simple repeat. The Little Cable Knee Highs are perfect for my  needs. This pattern is a toe up sock with a simple 4 row repeat. I did modify my pattern a bit to make the sock fit better (more details about my edits can be found on my Raverly Project Page). My mother-in-laws birthday was Wednesday and these are her gift. I hope she loves them as much as I do.

I have same yarn in the licorice colorway... yep, I am going to make one for myself (someday). As for the pact with my knitting buddy, this is project #3. One more to go and I can start a new project! This pact is definitely working! What did you FO this week? Thanks for stopping by.

Project #1: Stripped Socks
Project #2: Kalajoki Socks
Project #3: Boot Socks
Project #4: TBD....

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  1. I hope she appreciates them. These were A LOT of work! They look fantastic!