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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Naive Socks

I started the naive socks almost a year ago... These socks traveled to San Antonio, Nashville and back home again and are still not finished. Now, I am committed these socks as my final project for this set of 4! (I started a pact with a knitting friend to finish 4 projects before starting a new one.) What a great project to finish up the first set. I love these socks... my heart melts for cables. The non-artzy side of me has a very hard time matching yarns with patterns. However, I think I nailed this one. The mimosa colorway by Three Irish Girls is heavenly with it's variegated colors and is perfect for the Naive Sock pattern.

The first sock was tough. The pattern is "dense" and not easy for me to memorize. With a 4 year old at home, I found it difficult to focus on these socks. However, the second sock, seems so much easier. I am hoping it will go much faster, otherwise I will not start a new project until 2015! Eeeek! Here is hope for a FO Friday of these socks! Wish me luck. 

As for Mother's Day, my husband was very sweet and treated me like a princess. It was a beautiful day and we spent as much time as possible in the sun.  My son, N, is still young and does not fully understand the purpose of Mother's Day. He was sweet and helped me plant the pretty flowers below and commented on how beautiful they were. I enjoyed their time spent on making me feel appreciated, loved and happy. 

 I joined Ginny and Tami's Amis today. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. love your photos and the sunny day you had! my pattern cannot be memorized and is a challenge, which I'm enjoying. Keep in mind, no little ones here, just big ones.

  2. Your Mothers Day sounded like fun, we have mothers here in the UK in March. I am truly loving that first sock, I am sure it will be worth the wait for the 2nd one.

  3. Good luck on your sock. I think it looks wonderful, way too hard for me!

  4. Love your socks and wow the yarn looks so pretty! I have just started doing cables and I love them!! They are just so much fun. I was a little worried when I first started that I wouldn't be able to master them but, they are so much easier then I thought!! What a wonderful way to spend your Mother's Day!!

  5. Lovely pattern! When I knit cables I often use a stitch marker or a safety pin through a stitch to mark which row I'm on in the pattern repeat. I'm too easily distracted and would get in a complete muddle if I couldn't keep checking lol