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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Slump... yep I am totally in one. Not a bad one, just a "I wish I could sit on my butt and do nothing" kind of slump. Well, I am the kind of person who finds themselves sitting on the couch night after night not doing a darn thing. (Well, cuddling with my boys and maybe knitting...) My husband on the other hand is trying to do everything and cannot get a break because he is doing it alone. So....... today, after work, I will not sit around anymore and maybe do something to help out. Make dinner... take the dogs for a walk...knit a little. Oh and the huge pile of laundry has got to go!

Moving on, I put the baby blankets down and decided to finish some socks. I am overwhelmed by the amount of projects I have on needles. It's consuming my house. Literally, they're on the bookshelf, the dining room table, the floor...I could on. So to save on money, I think I will finish one or two of them before moving on.  Well, that's the goal.

My boss is expecting his second child and I thought I would make a quick baby hat. Madison in the winter can be down right brutal. A hat is fast, cute and will go to good use. I had some yarn in stash to make one, two, maybe 15 hats. Over the past weekend, I made 3. Here ya go:
 From left to right: Nolan's hat. Just something fun. The middle hat I finished for my sister-in-law, I wanted to use her needles. Finally the last one is for my cute niece. Here is the one for my boss

I love it. I think it turned out awesome! :) The pattern is free on ravelry, Fixation Newborn hat

Do you have any goals? Ever catch yourself in a slump? What do you do to get out?

Until next time, keep knitting.

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