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Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby hat and mittens

Here is a picture of a baby hat I made for a friend.

This is a free pattern on Ravelry called Bear and Panda Hat and Mitts by Linda Cyr. I found this pattern to look good but kind of a pain to make. I am sure there are plenty of knitters that feel that way about all sorts of patterns. Anyways, its complete. They received it and loved it. I have made the panda version as well and attempted to make the mittens. They look good but I am not a fan of knitting mittens.

I have also started a scarf for my mother-in-law. It is found in the Knit Noro book. I was unable to find the exact yarn as in the pattern for a reasonable price. I found some close to it for a lot cheaper. Here is how it is starting out:

I love the contrast in colors but it may be a bit much. We will see how it turns out as the more colors are introduced. This pattern is very long. It repeats the same thing 14 rows, 28 times! I hope I will have it done in time for Christmas.

As for me, well I had a very busy weekend. We had a wedding back home. It was a lot of fun. Very relaxed and comfortable. Then we took my son to pick apples for the first time. He had so much fun. He was such a good sport! He even picked out a pumpkin.

My car's check engine light came light up on the way back home. Awesome. It seems like money does not grow on trees but if it did, it would make my life and I am sure yours, a whole lot better!

Tonight I am trying something new. Tonight is the local knitters guild meeting. I am going to attend. Ironically it is within walking distance of my place so with the weather being so beautiful I am going to head on over.  My experience with knitting groups has been very different depending on the group. Sometimes, when you knit with others, they seem very (overly) impressed with themselves. Like before, I was at a knitting store and was trying to find buttons for the baby teddy bear hat above. This women there was rude, and said she would have made something different for a gift. For me, I take everything to heart, so this was so upsetting to me. Of course now I am completely over it and think nothing of it. I guess it just caught me by surprise.

Well my lunch is now over. Enjoy and happy knitting.

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