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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Hello Knitters!

This family is back at a normal routine. Up early, N gets on the bus and we go to work. While I miss summer already, it is nice to get into a routine. My knitting has been taking off lately. I cannot resist starting new projects. I guess this means I will have enough WIPS for every Wednesday post! Yep, that is a good way to justify my casting on addiction.
I received this beautiful skein of ToshSock in Ginger colorway from my birthday. I could not stand to just look at it anymore so I cast on the Monkey pattern and these socks are just flying off my needles. I cannot wait until they are finished.

I am being a good girl as well and working on the baby blanket. I have completed 8 repeats. I think I will try for 10 and finish the border. I love the leaves pattern!
 I cannot wait to see what is on everyone's needles. Linking up with Ginny today.


  1. Such a beautiful blanket, I love the colour.

  2. What pretty yarn for Monkey socks!

  3. The baby blanket is so pretty. Such a perfect thing to wrap around a sweet new baby.

  4. I love the way your monkey socks are coming out. For some reason, I didn't enjoy knitting that pattern the way everyone else seems to.
    The baby blanket is prettier as it gets bigger. What a great gift!

  5. Love the monkey socks and your blanket is gorgeous.

  6. I love that yarn in the ginger colorway, gorgeous! The monkey pattern is really just playing up it's beauty. I'm so impressed with your baby blanket grown and it looks great!