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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

WIP Wednesday

The big day has come and passed. N is now a kindergarten kid and I am trying to adjust to our new schedule. He gets on the bus, all smiles and my husband and I head to work. The new routine. We go to bed early, get up early and just try to figure out the rest in between as we go.

I have 4 friends expecting and that means 4 baby blankets in queue. I started the Leafy Baby Blanket by Leyla Alieva. I love LOVE love it. It is coming along nicely. 
I used KnitPicks Dishy yarn. I love making blankets out of cotton for their easy care. This yarn feels great and has wonderful colors. I will do another baby blanket in the same pattern and yarn. With 2 down. I need to pick 2 more and get the yarn! 
I have been reading here and there. Whenever I can fit in a free 5 minutes. I just finished Dan Brown Digital Fortress and I am not working on his Lost Symbols. I would like to read the Divergent Series once I am finished. I have an itch to read the Harry Potter Books but after watching the movies and have never been able to keep my attention for very long with those books. 

I cannot wait to see what is on everyone's needles! Happy Wednesday!


  1. What a beautiful pattern. Your friend is one lucky lady and I'm sure her new baby will love it too.

  2. I too love this pattern. And the yarn is such a lovely color. I'm sure your friend will cherish this gift.

  3. Kindergarten has started, congratulations! It's such a sweet time, I hope you all enjoy your new routine. I cannot believe you are taking on 4 blankets. I kind of want to call you crazy, but that just means I'm really in awe and impressed! I have one baby blanket (if I don't rip it out) on the needles -- it's just garter stitch, and I feel like writhing around on the floor like an over tired toddler just thinking about it! The blanket looks really good! It's a fantastic color you've chosen :)

  4. The blanket is precious! I am on the 1st of 2 baby blankets right now. I just keep going back to old standbys!

  5. that baby blanket is absolutely divine! I love the way it looks so much, I want a grown up version for my bed :D and oh you absolutely should read harry potter (though ou are probably tired of people telling you to do that) - my sister is up to book 5 in the series, having never read them herself but having seen all the fimrs - she says its awesome :) jenny xx

  6. Congratulations on having a kindergartener. As a Madison teacher, I really hope he has a great year.
    That is a beautiful blanket!
    I'd like to try the HP books again. I tried some time ago and they just didn't hold my attention.

  7. Lovely blanket. I love the pattern and the colour is gorgeous - I like the feel of cotton too.