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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WIP Wensday and a little self improvement

Hello knitters.

I hope your week has started off right. This past weekend I decided to knit for my (not-so-little) guy. He adores hand knit socks so why not spoil him. Lately, I have been knitting self-stripe yarn and I love it! Therefore, N and I looked online and he picked out angry birds colorway by Turtlepurl yarns.
Instantly, when the yarn arrived, N wanted me to start his socks. How can you say no the most appreciative sock recipient ever?!? So over the weekend, I knit his first sock. I just made an normal adult sock and scaled the stitches back. I LOVE how the socked turned out. N is anxiously waiting for the second sock to be complete. I think I can manage that over our vacation. Yes, you heard right, this family is going on a vacation to FL. I cannot wait.

As written in the title of the post, I have been working on a bit of self improvement. Recent events have made me realize that I am..... well..... a bit of a push over. It is time for me to stick up and stand up. I am sick of being treated like dirt and well it is not a very good example for N to see. Over the past few months my goal was to find hobbies and make time for relaxation. I have done so by reading and knitting more. Spending time with N and my hubby instead of being overwhelmed with chores, work and life. This has made my life extremely happier but I still have one area that drags me down. It affects my work and personal life. I need to have confidence and not be afraid to speak my mind and stand up for our family when it is necessary. Oh man, I am getting nervous even typing it, but in the end, I know this change will help my family and I so very much.


  1. Great sock yarn! Good for you for making the time for yourself. I too can be a pushover but I'm realizing as I am getting older that it serves me no purpose. Although it may be hard to make a stand I'm sure you will feel better in the end.

  2. Wow fab sock yarn! Sounds like you've got a very knit worthy recipient there :)

  3. They have an angry birds colorway, that is so funny! I would never have thought! It looks nice, I have yet to try sock knitting but I can see many people really enjoy it. I try to remember to tell myself to be bold and assess situations in my head to confirm that whatever I'm standing up for is the right thing (though of course we may be wrong sometimes) and if I feel my stance is true it helps boost my confidence and bravery to stand up for myself/others/what I think is right! Which used to be very hard for me and I understand the nervousness!