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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WIP Wednesdays!

Hello Knitters. I am happy to report, I am on to another WIP. A while back, I blogged about my boot socks project. I selected Little Cable Knee Highs for the boot socks pattern. I love the look of these simply yet sexy boot socks. However, this project was off to a rough start because of the yarn I selected first for the project was not a good fit for the pattern. I chose a variegated yarn and with the color changes, the simple cable was lost and all "muddy". Besides the colors, the sizing of the sock was really hard to figure out. The first attempt lead to a sock that both feet could fit in! After a couple of tries, the socks have now become a stunning project! I love it when a project beats your expectations. I am done with the first sock and on my way to finishing the second. These socks will go to my mother in law for her birthday. It's in two weeks. I hope I can make that deadline!!

My knitting buddy and I have started a pact. We need to finish 4 WIPS before we can move on to a new project. The new project must be made from yarn in stash.... I am very optimistic about this pact and I hope we can keep it up!

What's on your needles? Thanks for stopping by, you made my day! Today I am joining Ginny and Tami!


  1. What a great way to be accountable - a knitting buddy! I like your system.

    1. Hey Donna! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog! You are totally welcome to join the pact!