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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Yep. I am still alive & knitting

Hello world! I am back. It has been forever, FOREVER since I last blogged. I miss blogging but things have been a whirlwind here. Now, they are clamming down and I can finally catch up! 

What's going on... well, we pick up our son everyday from school, after work. We drove past a very cute house for sale. Everyday. Finally my husband and I thought, well it does not hurt to ask and look. We went and looked at the house and lets just say the instant we walked it we knew it was NOT for us. However, it got us think... why do we still rent after 5 years. We found a Realtor and started looking. In two weeks we had an accepted offer and were moving in 30 days. WOW, that was a lot to take in. We were excited, worried, over-whelmed... pretty much feeling every emotion possible. We moved October 29th and had our duplex up for rent. It rented yesterday. Now, I feel like I can breathe. Just take a step back and enjoy the life changes. My son loves his room. We are lucky and now have a fenced in backyard for the dogs to run. It is just now sinking in that we have a home. 

On to knitting. After packing up ALL my knitting projects and yarn, I realized I could knit for the next 10 years without buying a thing. Recently, I became good friends with a coworker. She is awesome. She asked for a knitted cowl for the cold winter days (ironically the lack of) in WI. I was very excited to make her something. I started the Devonshire cream cowl and I love it. I hope she does too.

Since the weather was not creating the Christmas spirit, I decided to make holiday stitch markers.

It is the little things that can make a big difference. Tis the season.


  1. congrats on the new house!!!! very exciting new stage to life! and you've settled in enough to be creating christmas gifts. good for you!!!!!

  2. Congratulations on having your very own house. It is a great feeling. I'm not surprised that your duplex rented easily. Rentals are in short supply here.