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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Hello Knitters.

Well, I started and stopped reading two books this week. I tried to read God of Small Things. I found it to be a bit slow moving and boring. I then moved on to The Disappearing Spoon. While I love the idea of reading about the drama happening while periodic elements were being discovered, the book spent too much time on explaining general chemistry. I have enough chemistry from work, I do not need it spilling over into my novels.

I am on the last section of the baby blanket. The pattern is a Drops pattern. Here is the Ravelry link. This pattern started of as a great challenge for me. As I work through the pattern, it is becoming easier. The edging is the hardest part and the last section. Hopefully, it is easier the second time around.
I have also been working on my Zigzagular socks. I love these socks. I love the yarn. Everything about them makes me smile.
 My son's birthday is coming up in March. He loves knitted socks and I cannot wait to surprise him with another pair. I started the Campfire socks using size 1 needles to make a child's size sock.
Finally, the book I requested at the library came in, Botanical Knits 2. I wanted to see the pattern for the bare branches pattern. I have never made a sweater in my size. This beautiful pattern caught my eye and I think I want to give it a whirl...

Enjoy your Wednesday knitters.


  1. WOW that blanket is amazing. Love the sock yarn, such a fun colors.

  2. Those zig zagular socks really are great. And the baby blanket is looking wonderful.

  3. Love the color (and the look) of the baby blanket. I may have to try that one the next time. Love the sweater you picked out!

  4. how fun! that blanket is really beautiful! :) I still need to learn to make socks... 1 day ! :)

  5. Wow! your blanket is amazing! Love those zigzagular socks too :)

  6. The baby blanket is amazing and I love your socks, they look so fun. Socks are a love of mine. The book you got at the library looks great. I think you should try that pattern.

  7. you have a nice library! love your blanket, it's gorgeous!! I hope you find a novel you and sink into this week :)

  8. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. The baby blanket is looking beautiful, lovely color. Your socks and the knitting book look good too. :)