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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

WIP Wednesday on a Tuesday

Hello knitters.

Well Monday was an absolute disaster. Everything I touched, broke. My family started off the morning as usual, then the chaos started. I broke two glasses, stumped my toe, the dog got free off the leash.... etc. My day at work followed the same trend. I got to work and I thought my mouse died to find out my desktop is acting up and not working. As a computational chemist, you need your computer or the whole day is screwed. Finally, leaving work, my truck died at daycare.
This is why I love knitting, it takes away all of the issues of the day and lets you focus on something beautiful. Relaxing your mind from all of the issues of the day and letting you conquer one stitch at a time. All while creating a work of art. 
I came home to find the perfect way to turn my day around. My friend from MS knew I have been drooling over a set of needles for a long time. However, I could not justify spending money on needles that I already own. I first heard of these needles while reading SBA's blog. The Signature Needles are simply elegant looking. I love to knit socks and so my first set of needles are dpns US 1. 
This past week, I started using Pinterest. I know, I am behind... I guess having a kid will do that! I found some cute ideas for holiday stitch markers. With Santa, Christmas Trees and snowman on my mind I headed to Michael's and Joann's to find all of my beads. I ended up make several different kinds and I am very excited to use them this winter. I believe one must find joy in the little things, everyday. It may sound stupid, but cute stitch markers make me smile even when its -40 outside!
 I loved how the turned out that I even made my knitting buddy a set. She works so hard and I want her to know she is appreciated and loved. Plus, I sent her a special surprise to her work, from Etsy, to cheer her up. Ssh, don't tell.
 This past weekend was very busy. We went on the Polar Express Ride, had a friend staying with us and my husbands holiday party. Over the past several months, I have fallen in love with this man more and more. We have know each other for almost 16 years now and I would have to say these past few months have been the best. Here we are enjoying his holiday party Saturday evening.
Enjoy your week knitters. I cannot wait to see what is on everyone's needles. I linked up with Frontier Dreams and tomorrow I will link up with Ginny. 

PS I just started the Silkworm novel. I am not far enough to comment yet, but I loved the Cuckoo's Calling so hopefully it is just as enjoyable. 


  1. Oh wow, I love those stitch markers! Hope your days get better. It just seems to be that way, doesn't it? You can tell when a day is going to be a write off - should be able to just sit and knit on those days!

  2. Hi, neighbor. I also blog from Madison. How have I not run into you before? The needles are gorgeous, but I have to admit that I rarely use straight needles.

    Please visit me at!

  3. I'm sorry you had such a lousy day. I'm glad you were able to turn it around. Signatures are one of my favorites. I love Pinterest too but try to stay off because it can be such a time suck. Happy knitting!

  4. i love how you said your FIRST pair of signatures are a size 1!!! They are pretty darn special, I agree. (I have 3 pair....straight 10"---sometimes I look for a project just to use them!) enjoy the knitting journey!

  5. what a day! Oh this is the stuff that makes knitting all better. If I didn't knit I would be a mental mess. Glad you were able to get home and reconnect with peace :)