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Monday, July 29, 2013

Did that really just happen? Did I just turn 30!?!?! Really? Wow, that went by fast.

I celebrated my 30th birthday last weekend and it was amazing. Friends and family sent so much love and support, I think it was the best birthday of all. Thank you.

As you know, I am a chemist. My PhD was heavily focused on weak interactions within small water clusters.... Stay with me, there is a point to this. This weekend, C moved in with us and we had A LOT of shopping to do. While looking for an end table for her room I came across this jem:

Pretty awesome. It has the molecular formula for water on the sides. Yep, that made my day! But wait, there is more. I met one of my dear friends C for lunch today (of course with baby E) and she had a surprise for me:
Chip clips with element symbols! Oh yes! Enjoy the little things!

Watch out, I have a ton of small posts to write. Until then, keep knitting.

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