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Monday, April 8, 2013

Do I dare say it? Okay... I think I am going to. I think our bad luck is now over! While 2013 came fast and full of stress, I think (fingers crossed) the worst is behind us. Well, I have to think that. I am at my witt's end with all the stuff my husband and I have had to deal with. I am not sure if I have much left in me to deal with more! MOVING ON!

I am almost done with a baby blanket! ALMOST! I also decided to finish all of my projects before I dare start a new one. I know, it's a big goal. I think I can handle it though. Plus it will be easier on my checkbook if I stop thinking about buying yarn. So lets look forward to an inventory of all the projects I have on needles. HAHA! Well I will try or realistically, I will just go from one wip to another!

How many wips do you have? Don't be shy, I bet I have close to 30! Yep, this goal may have me knitting wips until 2014 (or longer)!

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