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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

WIP Wednesday: OA Yarn

I am really excited about my Opposite Attract Yarn by Barking Dog. I choose the Bogart and Bacall colorways. I first heard of this yarn on this blog. (Oh my goodness, this women makes beautiful socks in record time!) I wanted a simple pattern that would not be lost in the bright colors. I chose the Charybdis Socks. I treated myself and a my knitting buddy to the yarn as a treat. She already finished her socks and it made me want to dive right into mine. I already started these a while ago but now I want to finish them.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

FO Friday

Hello Knitters.
 I have finished 2 projects over the past few weeks. Below is the first project. These socks were made with cotton yarn in four different colorways. I did not follow a pattern, just made plain socks. I randomly made the stripes. Weaving in all the ends was a bit tedious however getting a one of a kind pair of socks made it worth the work.

 I love how the socks match ( I am a bit OCD about matching) but they are different. The colors were perfect for spring weather! One set back, I had a tighter gauge for the second sock. However, I think with use they will loosen up. 

 Second project off the needles is the Kalajoki socks. I love this yarn as well. The colors are so bold. I also love the twist of the yarn and the feel. High twist yarn is my favorite but this yarn has such a nice look once knitted up. Very pretty and fun! Two more pairs for the sock drawer.
My son really wants another pair of socks. So I told him to try knitting.....
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WIP Wednesdays!

Hello Knitters. I am happy to report, I am on to another WIP. A while back, I blogged about my boot socks project. I selected Little Cable Knee Highs for the boot socks pattern. I love the look of these simply yet sexy boot socks. However, this project was off to a rough start because of the yarn I selected first for the project was not a good fit for the pattern. I chose a variegated yarn and with the color changes, the simple cable was lost and all "muddy". Besides the colors, the sizing of the sock was really hard to figure out. The first attempt lead to a sock that both feet could fit in! After a couple of tries, the socks have now become a stunning project! I love it when a project beats your expectations. I am done with the first sock and on my way to finishing the second. These socks will go to my mother in law for her birthday. It's in two weeks. I hope I can make that deadline!!

My knitting buddy and I have started a pact. We need to finish 4 WIPS before we can move on to a new project. The new project must be made from yarn in stash.... I am very optimistic about this pact and I hope we can keep it up!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Hello. I decided to finish up some socks that were in my knitting bag and so close to being finished! Last Aug is when I put the project down and now I am very excited to start at it again. This pattern is Kalajoki. At first, I was not sure if I liked the pattern but now I totally love the simple pattern down the side of the sock.
I also started to knitting with a small circular needle instead of dpns... not sure if I like it or not. I carry my knitting with me to work in a back pack. Twice I have busted a dpn in my bag... this makes me angry! I thought I would give circular needles a chance to win my love.

This past week has been a bit emotional. I am not even sure what emotions I am feeling. My baby boy is getting so big so fast. He turned 4 this past week and truthfully it is so hard to believe. I remember the day he was placed in my arms like it was yesterday. Happy Birthday N, you are amazing.

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